PBT-PBT TOKEN| 300000 PBT Original Presale 5ETH

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  • Product Name: PBT-PBT TOKEN| 300000 PBT Original Presale 5ETH
  • Product No.: PBT102
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  • Start Selling Time: 2018-06-25
  • Stock: 100

*PBT Original Presale Start Time: 28th June 2018 - 28th August 2018  

Because the amount of purchase will enjoy different Gift PBT bonus. You can purchase up to 20 copies of this link, more than 20 copies, please select other links.

Gift PBT Bonus Details:

0 - 5 PBT   0% Bouns

5 - 10 PBT   10% Bouns

10 - 100 PBT   12.5% Bouns

≧100 PBT   12.5% Bouns

*Tips: This link is 5 - 10 PBT you will not get 10% bonus.

*Note: The online sales time of this product starts from the end of PBT sales and is currently only displayed on the line.

Specific Sales Time: 28th November 2018

Sales Price: 1ETH=10000PBT









The BTC price is converted in real-time BTC/ETH exchange rate, and then converted according to the ETH/PBT exchange rate. The ETH/PBT exchange rate is the reference exchange rate.

After PBT sales are completed, users can purchase various cryptocurrency products such as BTC/ETH/LTC/QUTM/XRP/XMR/EOS/DASH/ZCASH... by selling PBT.

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