Pbitmall provides a variety of professional butler services to assist you in opening stores, operating stores, organizing marketing activities, and analyzing operational data. We will provide you with answers to all questions and guide you to operate in accordance with the relevant rules. We will do our best to protect your store.

Store Opening Process

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2018 Pbitmall for investment promotion

1.    Brand

       International and domestic famous brands

       Pbitmall will, as always, maximize the maintenance of the seller’s brand interests, respect the brand tradition and connotation,

and welcome the entry of quality brand flagship stores.

2.    Goods

       To meet the user group quality, unique goods.
       Product configuration broken down by category structure.

3.   Vertical electricity supplier

      Pbitmall welcomes the arrival of vertical electricity providers. We are willing to share its high-quality user groups with professional vertical e-commerce companies.

We also welcome vertical e-commerce to provide users with professional goods and services in this field.